The Frugal Wannabe Anti-Shopping Checklist

The Frugal Wannabe Anti-Shopping Checklist:
1. Avoid the store that makes you say “I really love this store”. You know the store that has all the bright colors and every little item that draws your attention. The store that you can’t spend less than $75 in. Yes! That store. Stay away from there. For me it’s Ulta or Sephora. Spawn of the damn devil.
2. Pay your Bills 1st. This is super important, I never leave the house the weekend after payday until I have insured that all bills that need to be paid for that paycheck are taken care of. At that point you know the amount of money left in your bank account is all that’s standing between you and the damn store.
Black ladies shopping
3. Write a shopping list and don’t go grocery shopping hungry.
Now this is not a joke. You will end up spending far more money if you go grocery shopping hungry than you would if you were full and thinking on a full stomach. Also, writhing a shopping list reminds you to pickup all the things that you need and helps you to avoid the things that you don’t.
This is a fluid list that changes as I research and discover new and improved ways of living financially responsibly.
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