Rookie Blogger Mistakes to Avoid

So….I’m back. I know…I’ve been gone for a while but it’s time to come back and get busy. I actually love blogging, so my commitment to the craft is to be more consistent. That being said, I’m here to help others interested in blogging and at some point make money while doing it.

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I’ve been writing short stories since I was a teenager in high school.  I loved reading.  I would read anything that I could get my hands on, therefore writing was the next natural progression on my literary journey. I started out writing short stories about the people in my family. I renamed my mother and father and created characters for them in my stories. I’d often read old stories that I’d written and was disappointed to reach the end of the tale, unfinished and waiting for a conclusion. I’ve legit got a bunch of them on my hard drive. Around 2016 my 1st blog The Melanin Pot was born. You can see my first blog creation here at where I discuss perspectives of American Culture, Finance, Politics and Love, all brewed, mixed & poured out of the Melanin Pot. Today I thought that I would share 5 mistakes that beginning bloggers make. Hopefully you will do better than I did.

The top 5 Rookie Mistakes that Bloggers or aspiring bloggers need to avoid are:

Here are some very basic mistakes that one should not do when starting a Blog

  1. Do not start a Blog about something that you are not passionate about. You must be passionate about the subject that you plan to write about or focus on or that blog will be sitting unused and ultimately you will consider it a failure. I’ll be honest, I started my Blog “” over a year ago but I’ve found that I’m just not very passionate about make-up and fashion…so yeah. Definitely, write about a subject that you concentrate on the most.
  2. Don’t Overthink the title of you Blog. If you spend more time than you need to on a domain name or title it really should be simple and direct to the point. Don’t spend more time than you need to trying to perfect what cannot be perfected. Keep it simple. The truth is it’s about what you write and what you do, not the title of the Blog.
  3. Free Blogs are NOT the way to get started. Starting on sites like is counterproductive. Why, because on a free site, you don’t own your content. Yep, they can go down at any time or simply take your content from you. You always want to get started with a paid blog, there are some very affordable blog hosts. Personally, I started with GoDaddy but many others rave about other really affordable sites like BlueHost.
  4. Do NOT forget to invest in yourself and your business. I’ve spent dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars investing in as well as furthering my education and research into blogging. Why? Because knowledge is power. Most of the things that I’ve learned have been right on the internet. YouTube University is king of learning. Never underestimate what that average person can teach you about this business.
  5. Lastly Do NOT GIVE UP!!! It will seem hard at 1st, you may become frustrated and afraid to put yourself out there. It doesn’t matter if it takes 7 months or 7 years to find success what matters is that you don’t give up. Just put one foot in front of the other. If you never begin, then you will never know. Good Luck

Tyra McEwen – Creator of the Melanin Pot

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