Start A Blog in 2020, What are you waiting for?

So, you’re thinking about starting a Blog huh? Perhaps you’ve been contemplating creating your own Blog site for quite a while. So, if that’s the case what exactly is holding you back? Taking that inevitable step out on faith is all you need to get started doing your own content on your own website. Blogging is the very basic level of creating content, however in the opinion of this Fearless Content Creator, you gotta start somewhere.

First, just aim to get your blog off the ground, or at least out of your head. I started using the free platform called Blogger. Let me tell you, I absolutely hated it. I wrote maybe three or four blogs there and called it quits. I found it wasn’t user friendly and frankly hindered me from consistently writing blogs.

After that I had to get very specific about what my niche was. What did I want to discuss pretty consistently? Well, I narrowed it down to perspectives of American Culture, Finance, politics and relationships. I knew those topics were popular, interesting and most of all I was passionate about all of them. I knew if I had to I could write about them for hours.

Lastly you have got to have the right intention. You see I’ve been writing short stories my whole life. I believe that because I have always been such an avid reader that the next natural option would be to become a writer. So, for me writing is a passion. Make sure that you are making a decision to become a blogger for the right reason. It will last longer and may even become the money maker that allows you financial freedom.

Good luck and thanks for reading

Tyra McEwen


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