At the beach without my laptop. What is a content creator to do???

So…. yeah that happened. As I packed for this weekend away at the beach I had every intention to pack my laptop and get some much needed writing/course writing/content created. Instead, I was more invested in making sure that I packed my newest bathing suits and cute little outfits. Thank goodness for my new iPhone 12 . It’s giving me laptop vibes and allowing me to at least blog a little while I’m away. I figured since I hadn’t posted a blog in a while (who am I kidding since 2020) now is the perfect time to crank some much needed blog content out.

When in doubt I just start writing about the 1st thing that comes to mind. This weekend was intended to be a getaway, a girls trip of sorts. My daughter would be celebrating a birthday along with my niece we thought a beach trip would be perfect. Unfortunately, the night before the trip my niece tested positive for COVID. We decided that she would stay home. However, I’m well aware that I now need to get tested ASAP. I know what you must be thinking, why haven’t I been vaccinated? Long story, but here is the shortened version. Originally I was uninterested in getting vaccinated, so I dragged my feet. Now, however it appears that it is imperative that I get it done. All the travel restrictions have truly forced me to change my mind. Hey, I’m a girl that loves to travel and I will admit these new variants of the disease is becoming unsettling.

Needless to say I’m headed straight to the doctor as soon as we return. Oh well, I’m finally getting drowsy at 6:54 am. I think I’ll sleep now.

Thanks for the company


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