I took a month off after quitting a job I hated. Here’s what I learned.

Alright that’s not me but doesn’t she look carefree and relaxed?

So, I started this blog last year. I’d just resigned from one of the jobs that I’ve been bouncing back and forth-from. Ever since my department closed at the job I thought I’d retire from in 2020, I’ve sort of been all over the place…literally.

The Pandemic has shown me how fleeting things are. I’ve lost family and friends to the Covid disease and I realize that now I find it hard to waste my time doing things that I just don’t want to do. Granted, I am getting older and honestly that may contribute to my refusal to waste what I now consider life’s most precious commodity…time.

I’m blessed and thankful to say that I’ve been very successful in the corporate world but the money and success mean nothing when you add up the years of stress and wasted time climbing the proverbial “corporate ladder”.

It may sound crazy but what I’m no longer willing to white knuckle it to work trying to make it there by 8, because I had to stop for gas. I’m no longer willing to work with people that make me feel uncomfortable. What the new “gig economy has taught me is that I can make money on my own terms. I plan to take full advantage of it, even though it doesn’t pay what my corporate job did. For me, having my time back is better than all the money in the world. Tyra

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